Architectural Review Committee


Architectural Review Committee (ARC) 

It is the responsibility of the Committee to meet periodically to review and rule on proposed exterior changes, modifications and/or improvements to homes and property within the Aldea de Santa Fe Association. The Committee will assure the aesthetics of the community are not compromised and the intent of the Association’s Governing Documents and Design Code are not violated. Many specific situations are unique and the ARC must decide and rule on each situation in the best interest of the entire Community in order to maintain property values.

The ARC is responsible to the Board of Directors for the approval or disapproval of all exterior modifications made to homeowners’ property within Aldea de Santa Fe jurisdiction. It is the responsibility of each homeowner to request written authorization from the ARC, prior to making any exterior alterations to homes or property.

Guidelines will be written, periodically updated, published and made available to all homeowners by Aldea HOA.